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it's the end of the world as we know it

Caprica is coming up and I can't frakking wait!

If you feel the same maybe you wanna show your love with a new avatar (as in 'icon' not 'space smurf')?

You can find 14 of those behind the cut. They're all based on the recently puplished promo photos. No spoilers.

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Fan-made Season 4.5 DVD Cover

A couple of months back I've created a bunch of season four and Razor DVD covers. You can find them here at battlestarblog or over there in my journal.

As four episodes of season 4.5 already aired, I figured that it's time for another cover.

There are three different variations of the cover (or rather its backside), including one that contains a table of content for episodes 4.11 to 4.14. You can also choose between a slim case and an amaray version.

If anyone, per chance, knows who made the texture I used for the backside, please let me know! I found it ages ago on the web and can't recall where. I'd love to give credit, though!

You can find download links and previews behind the cut. They obviously contain spoilers up to Blood on the Scales.

Hope you enjoy them!

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BSK 02: I Ca(i)n't Stop Loving You, Part I

A silly little comic that was mostly inspired by things like 5 Minute Voyager and 8-Bit Theater.

This episode is about the wondrous adventures of Helena Cain. Razor spoilers ahead! It's actually not the first strip - episode one, A Love Story in Outer Space, is still in the making.

All the love goes to daydreaming for their awesome collection of BSG stills!

Hope you enjoy!

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BSG season four and Razor DVD cover

I've created a bunch of season four & Razor DVD covers.

If you're as tired as me of watching the dull covers that usually come with the DVD sets of BSG this might be the right thing for you!

There are three different sets of season four covers and each comes in a normal and slim case version! (Though technically it's not the cover itself that is different each time but rather the backsides!). Please note that the 'Table of Content' version does not follow any DVD release of season four! There are four episodes on 4.1 and 4.2 and two episodes on 4.3!

The covers for Razor come in two versions as well - one that follows the season four design and one that is more stand aloney.

Does anyone per chance know who made the textures I used? I found them ages ago somewhere on the internet but I can't recall where. I'd love to give credit, though!

A big shout out to they guys and gals over at Caprica City for their help, praise and critique!

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life has a melody

A collection of 64 text only icons with random quotes from Battlestar Galactica. There might be spoilers up to the season four mid-season finale!

They were originally presented at Caprica City - a German BSG fan page and community.

Credit isn't mandatory. Comments and critique, however, are lovely. You gotta feed the ego somehow


source section

Here you can find a list of my sources, as well as some links to good resource sites.

If I forgot to credit you or if you don't want me to use your material please contact me in the comment section below!

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frequently asked questions

Behind the cut you find a FAQ which should answer most questions concerning this journal.

However, feel free to ask about anything that's unclear in the comments!